We offer various educational programs by highly experienced teacher.
1) Students can study with the best instructors, who have the certificate of Korean Language Teacher and have more than five years of class experienced.
2) There are three instructors in each class for reading, speaking, writing, and grammar.
3) We conduct career and life counseling through two or more individual sessions each quarter.

Students from over 20 countries study Korean Language together.

The course is focused on TOPIK and students can get level 4 of TOPIK in a year. • We offer a comfortable and convenient dormitory.

There is a chance to get a counseling and help regarding admission to undergraduate or graduate school in Hannam University.

There are various of chances to get a scholarship when students enter Hannam University.

We have a buddy program that students can get a help with Korean language and living in Korea from Hannam University students.

We experience Korean culture or go to field trip every quarter.

Hannam University is located in the center of Korean(Daejeon), where transportation is convenient and cost of living is affordable.