Korean Language Learning Assistant

This program can help you learn the Korean language by interacting with Korean undergraduate students at Hannam University. You can make Korean friends and also practice and study the language.

Program Features
  • You can learn Korean by interacting with undergraduate students at Hannam University.
  • You can get helpful information about living in Korea.
  • You can experience Korean culture in your daily life.
Schedule & Application Procedure
  • Period : This program runs twice a year for 10 weeks in the spring and fall semesters.

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Spring Semester March to May
Fall Semester September to November

Cultural Experience Program

The cultural experience program is held once a semester, and it is a program where students at the Korean Language Education Center can experience modern and traditional Korean culture. Visitors can visit Korean attractions, museums, and travel destinations, share Korean cultures such as wearing hanbok, making ceramics, and promoting a sense of belonging and friendship between students and teachers.

Extracurricular Activities

Korean Lecture
  • Main Goal
    • The purpose of this program is to provide Korean language lectures to students who are about to enroll at university to help them explore their careers and university life in advance.
    • To help language course students have a successful college life after enrolling, we plan to support them with major and career exploration, various extracurricular activities on college life-related Korean language and culture, and interpersonal relationships within the university.
  • Necessity of the Program
    • For the students at the Center for Korean Language and Korean Studies, it is necessary to provide many learning opportunities through special lectures, as students in intermediate and advanced levels often stay at the same level and delay enrollment.
    • The program intends to improve the Korean language proficiency of international students and enhance the academic ability of prospective undergraduate and graduate students.
    • As newly enrolled international students tend to be disproportionately majoring in the field of business and economics, it is necessary to introduce them to different types of departments such as science, engineering, arts, and sports, providing international students a chance to diversify their majors.
  • Introduction
    • Subject: Completion of Level 3 program or higher at HNU Center fo Korean Language
    • Period: May 17th ~ June 21st (Twice a week for three weeks)
    • Instructor: Korean language instructor with undergraduate teaching experience, undergraduate student from Hannam University, undergraduate professor(including the advisory professor)
  • Composition
    • Lecture Time: 2 hours for a lecture/12 hours in total
    • Topic: Korean used in University(Terms and expressions related to college life), exploring Korean culture in University, exploring science and engineering majors, exploring arts and physical education majors, exploring one’s aptitude and career and meeting with an undergraduate senior.
    • Activities will be selected from the events shown in the table below
    • Contents

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      Number of times Section Contents Lecturer
      1st Topic Search and explore your aptitude and career path Korean language instructor
      Goal Know your aptitude, find a suitable career path, decided on a major you want to study, and prepare for the application
      Sample programs
      • Career aptitude test
      • Talk about your personality and aptitude
      • Write a self-introduction and academic plan
      2nd Topic Meet with a senior undergraduate student Korean language instructor & undergraduate student
      Goal Acquire helpful information related to college life from a Korean senior, listen to lectures, and get advice from an international student
      Sample programs
      • Listen to lectures from undergraduate seniors
      • Q&A session
      3rd Topic Explore major in science Korean Language Instructor
      (Need advice from an undergraduate professor)
      Goal To understand about science and engineering departments and majors
      Sample programs
      • Learn about arts and physical education departments
      • Explore arts and physical education departments
      • Introduce the department and watch videos about lectures
      4th Topic Explore major in science Korean Language Instructor
      (Need advice from an undergraduate professor)
      Goal To understand about arts and physical education departments and majors
      Sample programs
      • Learn about arts and physical education departments
      • Explore arts and physical education departments
      • Introduce the department and watch videos about lectures
      5th Topic Learn Korean related to College life Korean Language Instructor
      Goal Learn terms and expressions that are commonly used in the college and increase academic performance
      Sample programs
      • Understand terms related to college life
      • Learn the terms and expressions needed in the major
      • Know about assignments and how to write reports
      6th Topic Korean university life and culture Korean Language Instructor
      Goal To understand the characteristics and culture that can be experienced in Korean college life and to improve communication skills for a good relationship
      Sample programs
      • Learn about activities such as club, study group, MT, etc.
      • Understand college group projects and group activites
      • Know how to address your classmates in different classroom settings and learn etiquette through role play
      • Practice writing a virtual mail to the professor
Master Topik
  • Purpose of special lecture for TOPIK
    • To increase the acceptance rate(pass rate) of TOPIK
    • To improve Korean language skils and prepare for college in advance for prospective students who want to enroll for degree courses in Hannam.
    • - To increase the effectiveness of the TOPIK scholarship system by supporting language course students who applied for the TOPIK test.
    • - To obtain Topik level 3 or higher, as this is a standard for entering most colleges in Korea.
Information session for admission
  • Schedule: Once a semester
  • Purpose
    • To provide support for admission plans by offering information on departments that international students are interested in.
    • To improve undergraduate/graduate school admission by attracting international students through partner agencies
  • Subject
    • Language course students from CKLKS who are planning to enter undergraduate/graduate courses (level 3 or higher)
  • Progress
    • A non-face-to-face online information session via ZOOM
    • Announcement on the bulletin board of our school’s electronic document system
    • Request for introduction/presentation materials of the department
    • Provide translations and interpretation based on introduction materials of the department
  • How to access
    • ZOOM meeting will be opened 30 minutes before the event(link for the meeting will be shared)